Dr. Herbert Kittl

Principal of HTBLuVA Salzburg

“Education must be – quite literally – open to everyone. It was therefore very important to us to ensure smooth, instant access for all our students, regardless of poss...

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Simon Whorrod

Project Manager for
C-E Solutions (Project Partner)

“We found the installation and integration of the Commend system very easy. Commend Australia performed as a true Partner should, fully satisfying ...

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Walter Eisenmann

Managing Director of Berg- und
Hochsöll GmbH & Co KG

“In the run-up to the renovation project, we contacted other aerial cableway operators in search of possible providers of an Intercom solution for...

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Matthias Erlacher

Project Leader at
STRABAG Anlagentechnik GmbH

“In addition to the call stations, the Commend system interfaces the public address system and mobile radio for any rescue service. This provides a huge ...

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Fred van Els

Managing Director of Nsecure b.v.

“It is the high quality, flexibility, scalability and the many integration options that make the Commend Intercom solution fit in perfectly with the Nsecure portfoli...

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Thomas Huonder

Head of Technical Maintenance at
Albula-Landwasser Kraftwerke AG

“With the solution that Commend have worked out, we were able to replace the obsolete systems and their inflexible, incompatible comp...

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John Morgan

Managing Director of Serviscom,
consultant for Thomas Miller

“The security package, including the products from Commend, met my requirements. The Commend equipment is fully future-proof and should be...

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Ing. Alberto Ragni

Technical Department at Sintesi S.p.A.

“Several years ago we began looking for advanced and highly rated technology partners on the international market. We needed them to provide us with quality pro...

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Walter Kean

Glasgow City Council

“The project‘s success is underlined with quantifiable figures showing a 40 per cent drop in serious anti-social behaviour in the city centre. This means less incidents for the p...

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Gavin Devoto

Managing Director of
Public Sector Information Ltd.

“We were looking for a reliable, high performing door entry system and we found Commend to be the best solution for the job. Our High Street is ext...

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Dr. Alessandro Fambri

Financial Manager of
Civica di Trento A.P.S.P.

“This project was born from the need to ensure a quality service at manageable cost. Thanks to the systems and competence of Commend Italia S.R.L. we go...

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Giuseppe Modica

Electric Department Manager of
Milano Serravalle - Milano Tangenziali S.p.A.

“Commend Intercom systems are the essential tool we use to manage the great amount of communication we have every day. Tha...

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Major Derler

Administrative Director at
Graz-Karlau Correctional Facility

“Commend had already proved its worth in 2004 during the refurbishment of the sick ward. During the current upgrade to the new Commend in-...

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Mr. Freiler

Integration and Parking for
Vienna International Airport (VIE)

“We’re very happy with the Commend system and the resulting improvements here at Vienna International Airport. We’re particularly please...

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Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Roland Greimelmaier

Head of the security control centre at the
Clinical Centre Klagenfurt

“The in-house networking of the Commend system with our other communication systems and the Security Management System (SMS) make...

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Wayne Myrden

Operations Manager for
City Parking (Glasgow) LLP

“The success of the Commend based system and the increased use of the car parks since their refurbishment, is proof that providing an efficient servi...

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Nigel Young

Business Development Director for
APT Skidata

“We have a long-standing and proactive technical partnership with Commend UK, integrating their reliable and user friendly technology into our own produc...

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Ovdje je mjesto 'gdje predajemo mikrofon' našim klijentima

Komuniciranje o komunikaciji i sigurnosti glavni je moto našeg odjeljka 'Pohvale klijenata'. Koji su ključni izazovi postavljeni u korisničke projekte? Kakve zahtjeve potrošača i lokalni zahtjeve Commend rješenja očekuju da će ispuniti? Kako se držati pod stresom u svakodnevnoj upotrebi?

To su pitanja poput ovih koji daju svoj ​​odgovor od najvećih autoriteta o tome: naši kupci. Njihova upotreba studije namijenjena je kao inspiracija i za one koji traže rješenja za slične probleme kao i naši razvojni laboratoriji koji su uvijek u potrazi za novim načinima za otvaranje vratiju u svijet Intercoma 2.0 malo dalje za naše klijente.