Comendova rješenja

There is a solution for every customer need

And if there isn’t, we will find it. A team of experts will develop a solution that‘s tailored to your specific needs. We will adapt interfaces, write software and modify terminal devices to meet your individual requirements.

Whether software or hardware, for us at Commend it is not enough just to sell you products. We have made it our goal to provide answers where there have only been questions before. Here are some examples for your reference. From race tracks to tunnels, from the Netherlands to the United Arab Emirates, the idea is to think ahead, not back, keeping the solutions individual instead of generic. That is what the team at Commend stands for.

What we develop

  • Tailored interfaces
  • Tailored software solutions
  • Tailored hardware and device solutions

High Tech meets high Creativity

We implement hardware solutions based on our range of standard products. We develop software solutions based on the following technologies:

  • V24-Pro, V24-ProIP solutions
  • ComWIN SDK applications
  • Applications for the VoipServ (Linux) Card

[Translate to EE Croatian:] Here you can find some examples of realised projects.