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Intercom Server as an app

The world’s first 100% software-based Intercom Server VirtuoSIS by Commend is designed specifically to integrate seamlessly into the flexible, dynamic world of virtual IT environments.

It is here that the new Software Intercom Server shows its true talents and great benefits: same functionality as its hardware-based cousins at remarkably low investment and operating costs. As a ‘fellow inhabitant’ of the virtual server landscape without the need for any separate hardware, the Software Intercom Server is child’s play to maintain and requires no extra personnel.

Embedded into the virtual server infrastructures, the server can take advantage of the usual extra-high backup and security mechanisms. This automatically ensures the essential high availability that has become a hallmark of Commend solutions.

Functions and highlights

  • Software Intercom Server based on ­Linux (­Debian)
  • for virtualized IT platforms
  • Ready for use on virtualization platforms ­
  • vSphere by VMWare and XenServer by Citrix
  • Ultimate availability – Ultimate security
  • Flexible licensing options – expandable at a mouse click – no dongle required
  • Intercom systems for up to 25,000 subscribers
  • Supports IP, digital, analogue and SIP Intercom stations
  • Supports Commend SIP terminals and 3rd-party SIP phones
  • VoIP connectivity via SIP trunk to IP-PBX servers and service providers
  • VoIP connectivity to PSTN via SIP gateways
  • IPv6 ready
  • Supports all Intercom functions and feature levels
  • Networkable via LAN/WAN – also with hardware Intercom Servers GE 800, GE 300 and IS 300
  • IP interfaces: ICX over IP, RTP, IoIP®   
  • Convenient configuration via PC software CCT

Up to 1,120 IP subscribers per Virtual Machine – 112 IP subscribers per instance

Highly efficient use of hardware resources

Optimum use of existing resources: allows you to
pool your common infrastructure resources as needed

Lower costs thanks to reduction of physical server
infrastructures and improved server/administrator ratio

Flexibility for IT staff

– Only one IT infrastructure platform to maintain
– Hardware is easy to replace
– Different operating systems can be run on the same hardware
– Multiple virtual machines can be run on the same hardware

100% flexible, 100% compatible

The Software Intercom Server adapts easily and flexibly to your project requirements while remaining fully compatible with previous system generations. The server supports all IP-based, digital, analogue and SIP Intercom stations by Commend; third-party systems integrate easily via Intercom eXchange Protocol (ICX).

Green IT – Low energy costs

– Optimised use of hardware resources
– Low power consumption
– Saves air conditioning energy

Ultimate availability – Ultimate security (mirroring*)

Entire virtual environments can be stored and migrated reliably without interruption. This eliminates the need for planned downtimes and enables fast recovery after unplanned ones.

*Mirroring – For its Enterprise Edition, VMWare offers its Fault Tolerance (FT) option to ensure continued availability for all applications in case of a server failure.

SIP Subscribers

With VirtuoSIS version 4.0 it is possible to link up SIP subscribers, first and foremost the versatile and multi-functional Commend SIP Series, directly into the Intercom network. This makes it possible for a vast range of VoIP devices to communicate with each other over the Intercom network and to fulfill basic Inercom features.

Commend Intercom communication platform now available for virtual IT infrastructures

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