Open for any interface

“Our Team Players”

In security and communication systems, it is essential that different systems work together. Constantly exchanging data, video and audio streams, these systems utilise their full potential in well-coordinated interplay to provide perfectly integrated solutions for operators and users.

Intercom Servers are not just ‘audio professionals’, they also function as interface managers to integrate seamlessly into the work-flows of security applications.


Standard interfaces

Commend Intercom System supports standards such as OPC, SIP and TETRA, as well as a wide spectrum of existing, well tested interfaces to third-party systems.

Customisable interfaces

As a result, Commend Interface Cards provide a convenient way of implementing tailored audio, data and video interfaces that meet any individual requirements. Supported options range from the use of simple signal contacts for control and messaging purposes to the full integration of third-party systems.

Options for any future interface

The conversion is performed by means of an SDK (Software Development Kit) for the third-party system.

Communication protocols of external systems are implemented directly on the Intercom Server level, where they are converted to Commend’s ICX protocol.

ICX Protocol

The InterCom eXchange Protocol (ICX) is an open protocol for implementing interfaces between third-party systems and Commend Intercom Systems. This enables the systems to communicate with each other, i.e. exchange data, messages and commands, and control audio and video functions.