VoIP Audio Recording

Audio recording with G8-VOIPREC

The G8-VOIPREC is a solid state Digital Voice Recorder (DVR). It is fully integrated within the Commend IP Server architecture. This powerful Linux-based plug-in card option is maintenance-free and needs no external connections or wiring.

Audio and Voice Recording of calls and conversations


  • Evidential quality audio recording for use in Interview Rooms such as Airport Customs and Immigration, in Prisons and in Police Stations.
  • Emergency Situation Audio recording for Lifts, Car Parks and other vulnerable areas.
  • Documentation and quality assurance at call centres.
  • Conversation and Conference recording for businesses and banks.
  • Recording of just about all Control Room Operator conversations and activities.

Even more possibilities

Recording of conversations, conferences, collective and group calls (OpenDuplex®, Duplex, Simplex).

The configurable circular buffer meets the special requirements of data protection.

More security

Use of a proprietary encryption mechanism ensures secure, tamper-proof recording.

More audio quality

Various audio bandwidths are converted to excellent sounding 7 kHz Audio Quality and stored electronically. Conversations with 16 kHz remain this crystal clear Audio Quality.

32 recording channels per Intercom Server

  • Up to 8 independent channels per card for simultaneous recording
  • Up to 4 cards per IP Intercom Server GE 800 (up to 32 recording channels per server)
  • Up to 2 cards per IP Intercom Server GE 300 (up to 16 recording channels per server)

3,500 minutes of recorded audio within the Intercom Server

Up to 3,500 minutes of recorded audio (7 kHz) per card is written to and stored on a 2GB Compact Flash card and can optionally be transferred to a FTP Server/NAS for unlimited audio data storage.

Web Interface

Remote access via web-based interface for playback of files in the audio database and for one-click file backup. Recordings can be exported as wave (.WAV) files, deleted, protected against accidental deletion, and have comments added to them, if needed.

More attention

Recording can be event-controlled (i.e. triggered by specific acoustic events during Audio Monitoring) and will start even before a manual alarm can be sounded.